Printing Services

Printing Services

All types of specialized printing

 Since the establishment of our center for translation and printing services in 2003 we hoped to present a unique printing service by using the modernist copiers and printers of the distinguished names . We imported up-to-date copiers both colored & black and also digital copiers.

At that time the colored copiers were new and not available anywhere . Our center was a pioneer in this field .

We provided services for all people and especially the students .

We imported a printing machine to print Engineering Schemes ,copying and scanning them . We were unique in this field and our machines were the best .

We developed our work and entered into the Archiving field . We are pioneer in Archiving works . We are expert in scanning and archiving any kinds of documents and even the big sized documents .

We use a modern scanners to scan any kind of large documents and then we archive them. We use a huge scanners and the range between (A5-A0).

For the purpose of printing services, we opened a new branch near the Palace of Justice opposite to Abdali Boulevard , the new commercial area in Amman . Through our new branch , we provide printing and translation services for the companies located in the Boulevard .

Our urgent services are required from these companies because we own the modernist printing machines, scanners and engineering schedule printing machines . Such services are not available anywhere but at our center . Our new branch near the Palace of Justice at Abdali Boulevard provides services the companies at Abdali Boulevard and the people who consult the Palace of Justice .

We hope to be as you think .

  • Printing : Printing by using modern machines , the modernist techniques . Mastering speed and accuracy in work and in appointments.
  • Printing header papers and all kinds of envelopes
  • Printing Leaflets , Catalogues, Files , Dossiers, Studies , Reports and Researches.
  • Printing engineering plans sizes : ( A5-A0), colored + white & black by the modern and fast printing presses .
  • Colored and black printing for the documents , documents and studies .
  • Fast copying, black and colored with high accuracy and suitable prices. We print and coordinate university researches .
  • Printing and copying documents for University students with suitable prices .
  • Printing of Card ( Badges ) , Plastic and Carton Cards for Establishments, Companies, Offices and Individuals.
  • Colored Scanner + White & Black Scanner in all sizes : (A0-A5).
  • Printing all kinds of certificates using luxurious carton of all kinds of colors and weights .
  • Thermal , spiral and artistic binding.
  • Renting Printers ( Colored and Black).
  • Documents Archiving in all sizes and with high accuracy .
  • Printing on CDs , colored and copying them .
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