Immigration Services

Immigration Services

The best immigration services

 We established our center in 2003 in order to service translation and printing services due to the needs of such services at that period . After the beginning of Iraqi crisis in 2003 the immigration of thousands of Iraqi to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , we established a section at our center to take care of immigration application of the Iraqis . Most of the Iraqi sought immigration to certain direction in particular such as Australia and Canada. Some of them were interested in immigrating to USA.

The majority of the Iraqis prefer to immigrate to Australia where their relatives live and other Iraqis preferred to immigrate to Canada .

From this point of view we prepared ourselves to manage this issue. We established this section at our center in order to help the Iraqi immigrants to arrive at Australia and Canada safely and without paying much money . We guarantee the immigrants the cheapest price and the best services .

Our work increased after the arrival of the Syrian refugees to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 2011 and the wave of immigration that happened and the arrival of thousands of the Syrian refugees to Europe . We increased our team to cover the huge number of refugees who consulted our center. We prepared and translated their official document for them the reunion transactions application forms to most European Countries . After that we prepared their application forms to Canada and Australia .

  • Since we are a pioneer center in the field of Immigration to Australia and Canada and have expert team in this field , we do our best to make the customer satisfied by our work . We do our best to guide the customer to do the right steps by informing him what to do . We answer any question about Immigration to both Australia and Canada and after we answer all the inquirers we start filling the application forms, then we translate all necessary documents in order to send them with the application . We review the application many times to avoid any mistake . After we finish the translation and the application forms we send them to the designated address .
  • Thank God , no application form prepared by our center was rejected .
  • Through our expert team , we provide advises to our customers concerning immigration to any country , and in particular to Australia and Canada .This service is free of charge .
  • We fill application forms of immigration , visit and tourism to all European countries and the most countries of the world .
  • We established this service at our center after we have heard of the fake offices that exploit the immigrants and took their money .
  • We open our center from 09:00 AM till midnight and that facilitate to contact us and attend at any time . We assume that some customers may have work at day time and so our work team is available any time .
  • Online service : some customers are far from Amman and so arriving at Amman is a problem for him and costs much money , so by contacting us we ask him/ her to send the documents and the information and we complete the work as if he / she at the office .
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