About Us

About Us

Kazza Center for immigration, translation and printing

 The idea of establishing our center in 2003 arose from the fact that our community needs such offices to provide translation and printing services in an era full of commercial, academic, legal and political activities with most countries of the world. These activities need to prepare commercial corresponding and contracts and printing them enabling the businessmen to act and move freely everywhere in the world. We started our work as a Translation Office in this period and still working after we have developed our job to facilitate the work of the businessmen, students and merchants in all field of commerce. We also indulged in preparing the documents of students to study abroad and that helped them to continue their study and got the highest academic degrees.
 about us

We are proud of our job and hope success to all people who utilize our center.

The confidence of our customers in our center pushed us forward to work and work so hard to achieve their confidence. 

We promise our customers to be as you think of us. We will never disappoint you, be sure of our promise.

We started our work as a Sworn Translation Office in Kazza Center in 2003. Within a short period of time we became one of the most important translation offices in the Hashemite Kingdom.

We became an appointed translation office at the governmental departments, embassies and international organizations.

Our customers are increasing gradually. We are interested in Embassies Services and filling Applications Forms for Immigration to Australia and Canada and France in particular. We fill application forms for most Embassies in the Kingdom such as the American Embassy.

Since its start in 2003, Kazza translation center has become one of the most important leaders in the field of translation in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We are having an increasing number of customers who trust us to provide authentic translation for their businesses. We created our reputation by providing high quality and accurate translation service with cheapest prices. We are interested in Embassies Services and following the instructions of embassies concerning Visa Application Forms and others such as Refuge and Immigration.

We are famous of our accurate and prompt translation services in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in most foreign languages. We provide accurate job in a distinguished period of time . We respect our customer and so we commit ourselves with the agreed upon delivery time . We deal with authenticity and reliability with our dear customers . Our accredited translators do their best in performing their job with a great deal of reliability.

  • Kazza Center is interested in translating all kinds of issues. we ensure accuracy and credibility in our different kinds of translations (Legal, Technical, Medical, Information Technology, Financial and Marketing).
  • We ensure best and lower prices all over the Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan because we are interested in helping our customers.
  • We aim to offer our customers credibility and accuracy in translation free from mistakes .
  • We hope our customers to utilize of our great experience in translation.
  • We have a team of military translators who have experiences in military and police training courses.
  • We added printing services to our center enabling our customers to print their items on the modernist digital printing machines. We print engineering schedules , color and black printing, copying and the associated services.
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